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For parts of this class we will be producing and sharing video content. The purpose of this is to quickly provide your colleagues with multimodal content that can share information, or in some cases be used as a "think-aloud." Video production can be a fun, inventive, and creative way to create content with students.

The procedure for planning, producing, and sharing these videos is very, very simple.

1. Plan. Review the rubric. Think about what you will be assessed on. What are the particulars of the project that you need to attend to. Make sure you address this in your video. If necessary...write a script.

2. Produce. The content of this video should be detailed by the rubric and the assignment. The output of the video does not need to be complex. We're not looking for the next Spielburg in class. That being said...if you have some expertise and want to show all means do so. If you are not comfortable in producing the video, keep it simple. Use a webcam on your computer, use a video camera, use your cell phone or tablet, etc. Take a video of you presenting your information. Once you have completed it. If you don't like it...record it again. You might also think about using some video conferencing tools, screencasting, or another online content construction tool. Once again...keep it simple.

3. Share. Once you have finished the video and are happy with it, you'll need to share it with your instructor.

  • For Pat's group, you have two options: 1) use Dropbox to upload and share the file with Pat; 2) bring in the video file on a thumb drive, camera, tablet, etc. For either of these two options you must email Pat and Ian to indicate what you plan to do so we can plan accordingly.
  • For Ian's group, you have one option. Upload your file to the appropriate place on the WIkispaces site. It is suggested that you start a YouTube account and upload it that way. Ian can assist with support if needed.

85617503.jpgYour video should be created, and shared with Pat and/or Ian by the date indicated in the syllabus. There should be no reason (barring another Apocalypse) for not completing and submitting the videos on time. If you have any trouble creating the video, sharing the video, or uploading the Ian and Pat. We have plenty of options for you to come in and video tape yourself if needed. You need to contact us and request a time.

If you are taking video off of an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet...please connect your phone to a computer. You can also use Dropbox to automatically upload photos and video from your can also get free extra space for this.

If you are planning on using your Mac or PC to record a screencapture, I recommend Jing or Screencast-o-matic. I used Screencast-o-matic to create the recording of this talk down below.

For any other support, tutorials, or help...also please feel free to use the expertise of your colleagues. You should be able to reach and request support if needed.

The video screencast of this presentation is embedded below.