This page will host all SHORTS submissions for our class. When you post your work, please be sure to create a new page in the wiki. Then you should include all your work on that new page you create. Finally, create a link on this page underneath of the appropriate section for your SHORTS submission. Please note that I put together a video tutorial on how to post all materials to this wiki...this video is on the SHORTS Assignment page in the middle.

Traditional Tasks

Homework Debate - Ally Miller
Rewards and Student Motivation - Caroline Henry
Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners in Social Studies - Kelly Meineke
Shorts Page-Erin Curley
Teaching and Learning English - Graham
Homework: A Necessary Evil? - Soeprasetyo
Punished by Rewards-Michelle Lukos

Creative Tasks

Sheila Angelica's Snowballs
Height Vs Hand Span-Ferrandiz
Visual & Audio Practice of Reflexive Verbs in the Subjunctive Tense
Sheila Angelica's Shorts Task 1
Lauren's Circle Stuff!
Lauren's Circle Project (Performance Assessment)
Sarah McGuire's Graphic Organizer Task
Mantha Fotiadis Visual Verb Endings

Creating a "How To" Guide from Readings on Chemical Nomenclature
Taylor Warinsky's Metaconversation

Jake's Illustrated Glossary
Jake's RAFT Writing Prompt
Catchphrase Vocabulary Development
RAFT strategy - Life of a Star - Donna Sawyer
Colombian Exchange Fusion Food Menu- Erin Curley
Ally Miller's Family Feud
Nick Roshkind's Speed Dating in Spanish Class (Task 2)
Bloom's Taxonomy Cubing Activity - Acids/Bases (C.Schreiner; Task 2)
Mary's Themes in Song Shorts Task
Tara O'Neill Creative Task - Frictionless World

DT&T Tasks
Google Custom Search & Social Studies content in the Elementary Classroom
Nick Roshkind's Wallwisher for reading and response
Glogster EDU & Science content - Keela Parsons
Northcutt's Storify for Current Events
Pixton for Biology - Carrie DePetris! for Biology - Keela Parsons (Task 2)
Playing Music Detective on YouTube - Liz Graham (Task 2)
Lauren Aceto-National Library of Visual Manipulatives & Screencast-O-matic (Algebra [[#|Balance Scales]])
Algebra Balance Scales
Proving the Pythagorean Theorem - Sarah McGuire #2
Animoto Starting a Business - Soeprasetyo (Task 2)
Timetoast - Kelly Meineke
Mantha Web Short - Mantha Fotiadis (word sift)
Spanish Culture Wordsift Shorts
Density ScreenCast Donna Sawyer