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Social Studies, Social Media, and the Election
-Ian O'Byrne

Entrepreneurship in Business
-Preston Soeprasetyo

-Sarah McGuire

Chemical Bonding
- Cathlene Schreiner

12 Bar Blues
- Caroline Henry

-Donna Sawyer

Drone and Found Sound Improvisation
-Taylor Warinsky

Bank Reconciliations
-Ally Miller

Golden Ratio: A Resource File By: Lauren Aceto

Geometric Proofs
-Sheila Angelica

Genetics and Heredity
- Carrie DePetris

The Olympics in Spain
-Nick Roshkind

Exploring the Unknown
-Jake Browne

Resource File-Pi
-Ashley Ferrandiz

The Civil War
-Kelly Meineke

Hydrofracking and Natural Gas Drilling
-Tara O'Neill

Modern Imperialism Resource File- Erin Curley

DNA and Human Genetic Disorders
-Keela Parsons

La Movida- Mantha Fotiadis

Forensic Science- DNA Fingerprinting
-Jen Duell

Immigration in the U.S. the Great Debate
-Mary Iaquinto

Teaching "The Three Little Pigs" Across a Curriculum
-Liz Graham

Political Parties- Michelle Lukos

Spanish Artists
-Shannon Erickson