PHOTO (SOAPS) Mantha Fotiadis


Caroline Henry - graphic organizer (Lesson: Differences in writing business letters in French and English)

Sheila Angelica - Reading a Problem

Tara O'Neill - Compare/Contrast or [[#|Resume Building]]
Resume Writing

Ashley Ferrandiz -Geogebra

Just to add:
Here is an article from Goedonline. It has 101 web 2.0 tools that are useful for teachers. They range in capability, subject matter and usefulness. Unfortunately some of them do not work, while others have been bought out by companies. Check 'em out! =)
This one is all math links


Preston Soeprasetyo - Analogies
Taylor Warinsky - Cubing
Kelly Meineke - Reading for information: Greek Mythology
Lauren Aceto - Reciprocal Learning
Reciprocal Learning


Liz Graham - Counting With Students and corresponding worksheet:
Mary Iaquinto - Graffiti/Carousel Brainstorming
Nick Roshkind - Surviving Spanish with Cognates
Cathlene Schreiner - Inquiry Chart
Sarah McGuire - Math Word Problems
Shannon Erickson - Pattern Puzzles


Ally Miller - evaluation writing
Donna Sawyer - Concept Definition Map (Science)
Erin Curley - Conversation between Douglas and Lincoln
Mantha Fotiadis - SOAPs
Michelle Lukos-History Frame


Nick Northcutt - Creative Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts.docx

Jake Browne - Found Poem and Word Web
Carrie DePetris - Sentence Building
Keela Parsons - Analogy
Jen Duell - Highlighting