This course is designed to engage participants in literacy strategies that cut across all content areas. As future practitioners, your responsibility will be to support all learners in your classes and help them become increasingly more independent as readers, writers and thinkers. Becoming reflective about learning is the hallmark of an effective educator. The following will capture your thinking as you learn, provide opportunities for independent exploration of topics of interest, and support your learning through collaborative learning opportunities.

To check the readability levels of any texts, please review some of these guidelines.

For some resources to help you with the assignments...please visit the resources page.

You will please submit the following on the appropriate due dates:

A Resource File with Learning Support Video (30 points)

Shorts: Extension Activities (20 points)

Work Samples/ Exit Slips (10 points)

Demonstration Lesson and Assessment Activity (20 points)

Lessons in Literacy Differentiated Lesson Plan (15 points)

Full Class Attendance (5 points)