Animoto Video

The Web 2.0 tool I used is Animoto. I was first introduced to this tool in another class and ever since then, I realized how useful this can be in a classroom or otherwise. The creation of a video requires a degree of creativity and would allow students to appreciate the time and effort put in to creating it. Moreover, it would be more engaging than a standard power point or lecture.

This lesson would be in an Entrepreneurship class, or an Introductory Business class. The unit would center around starting a personal business.Students would be introduced to key concepts from this video and would then be able to access them if the video were made available. Moreover, the music implemented in the video has a theme of "risk-taking" which is an essential component to starting a business.

This video would expose students to key concepts of the unit in a more creative and engaging way. Also, students would be able to use their textbook as a way to complement the material they learned through the movie, or vice versa.